Soska Sisters review the film!

Twin sister horror directors Jen(left) & Sylvia Soska-who have become cult favourites since their breakout film "Dead Hooker in a Trunk". Their new movie is American Mary.

It’s a huge honour to know that filmmakers you look up to have watched your film. It’s an even bigger honour when they have such nice words to say about that film. Thank you so much to the Soska Twins at tWIStED tWINS PRODUCtIONS who pre-screened Taking My Parents to Burning Man and wrote such a kind review:

“Wow. What a touching surprise of a film. A truly moving, honest piece that bridges the generation gap and brings people together in the real spirit if Burning Man. It’s a real triumph.

I loved it. Great pacing. The family is so relate~able. And it’s just so sweet! I also found it really fascinating and informative as a Burning Man virgin myself. What an incredible experience. And it’s so nice to see a younger generation not only fall into that weird North American culture of being ashamed or separate of their family, but embracing their differences and coming together in a place that’s intended just for that. It’s surprising to see and meet the people who attend this event regularly. It’s really wonderful. Great pacing, charismatic lead, Spry Bry. It’s beautifully shot and cut together. Just an all round beautiful film, literally and emotionally.”


The Soska twins are amazing filmmakers and if you are a horror fan, you must see their work!


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