Bryant  Boesen (Co-Director/Co-Producer/Co-Editor/Star)

Bryant is a Vancouver-based multimedia producer and performer (operating under the monicker “Spry Bry”). Though a performer for the majority of his life, Bry’s creative endeavours gained extraordinary momentum after his passions and pass-times all merged into a multifaceted profession accommodating a variety of sought services with a reputation for atypical excellence. Whether it be fire-breathing, unicycling, djing, or producing events, audio, and films, he has it covered.

With four years of film school under his belt, he has worked on countless projects; as a producer, an editor, in the art department, a lamp operator, and even as craft services; but his efforts as a composer, writer, and director are what have been recognized as outstanding. He has produced films that have received positive recognition by The National Film Board of Canada, Comedy Central, and a variety of audiences, and has acted in numerous features, shorts, and commercials.
At 21, he began developing “Taking my Parents to Burning Man” after he decided to… take his parents to Burning Man. Though his first feature-length project, his ambition alone shows that it certainly won’t be his last. He hopes to inspire others to exercise their creative visions through his own. Bry also thinks that writing in the third person sounds ridiculous…

Joel Ashton McCarthy (Co-Producer/Co-Director/Co-Editor/Cinematographer)

Joel has recently received his Bachelor’s degree in Motion Picture Arts at Capilano University, Joel is an award winning filmmaker that has been making films since he was ten years old.  Joel’s films “Why Does God Hate Me?” and “Goodbye” have been screened at festivals around the world, and have won multiple awards including a 2011 Best Director award from the New York City International Film Festival. In his working life, Joel works at as free lance filmmaker shooting commercials, corporate videos and has recently directed short travel documentaries for Vitamin Water and Expedia.  When Bryant Boesen thought of the idea for Taking My Parents to Burning Man he approached  Joel with him to make the film. Taking My Parents to Burning Man is Joel’s first feature film and he is currently developing his second feature film “After Film School” – a comedic Mockumentary,  which will be shot in the summer of 2014. Joel’s portfolio can be found at


Chuck Boesen (Bryant’s Dad)

Chuck’s creative efforts were put on the back burner while he pursued the traditional working world, but he recently discovered a true calling as Bryant’s production assistant where he could combine creativity and his experience in logistics.  He has been sourcing props, locating film sites, building sets and even exercised his talents by providing craft services.  Acting (who’s acting?) in Taking my Parents to Burning Man was a once in a lifetime experience. What started out as a fun thing to do turned into a special privilege to be included in his children’s lives at a deep level.

Li Boesen (Bryant’s Mom)
Check out Li’s Knitting Blog

Way back in the early 80’s Li took a stained glass course and ran off with the teacher, Chuck. They have lived in Canada for nearly half their lives and are the proud parents of two scientists and Bryant, the artsy one.  Li’s 35 years in non-profit management , experience as a camp cook, along with creative endeavors including watercolor and ten years of blogging about life and knitting, have given her skills to support Bryant and his fellow starving artists in their North Vancouver home, affectionately dubbed the Northvanage (think orphanage for film school graduates). Li was both terrified and honored to be included in Taking My Parents to Burning Man.

 Mari Boesen (Bryant’s Sister)


lisa Ovies (Executive Producer)

Lisa Ovies (Executive Producer)

Lisa Ovies is a professional model, actress, and producer residing in Vancouver, Canada.Lisa has trained at Vancouver Film School in documentary film, production and scriptwriting; as well as received a scholarship in 2006 to Columbia Academy of Broadcasting where she excelled in her field. In 2008 she began pursuing her love of acting by attending the full time program at Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts and in June 2011, she launched the film company I No.Films. Since then she received a full scholarship to Women in the Directors Chair for art dept and has since done art on several films.  She was recently cast as all the female voices for Blackshadow productions TV pilot “Junktin” and stars in the feature film “The Mop King”, which just enjoyed its world premiere at the Austin Film Festival. She is currently filming the horror “Suspension” directed by Jeffrey Lando, as well as doing the festival circuit with the documentary “Taking my parents to burning man”, which she executive produced.

Robert Phaneuf (Sound Designer)

Robert Phaneuf (Sound Editor/Re-Recording Mixer)

Career began with graduating with honours from the Pacific Audio Visual Institute in Vancouver BC. My training gave me skills in all of the audio industry including audio for film, music composition, music editing, and operating studios for anything from 1 person ADR, to full band tracking. Projects to date have included commercials, short films, and two feature films including “Taking My Parents to Burning Man”

Thomas Maxey (Boom Op, Night Life Cinematography)


Marshal Whitlock (Arial Cinematography, B-Cam Cinematographer)

Chic Smith (Boom Op)

 Paul Millar (Boom Op)

“Paul Millar is a visual artist and designer who currently attends Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC.  And up until recently a virgin…  Of the Burning Man community.  Although most of his day is spent  pondering the mysteries of space and time, he still manages to unwind at the track.  Working under the guise, “Paulie Awesome”, he continues to invent questionable art structures and dangerous special effects.”


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